A South African Abroad

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A South African Abroad by Sinclair Beiles

"Born in Uganda and educated in South Africa, Sinclair Beiles spent the 50s and 60s in self-exile. A resident of the infamous Beau Hotel in Paris, he joined Gregory Corso, Brion Gysin, and William Burroughs in producing Minutes to Go, the first book of cut-up writing. A South African Abroad brings together Beile's best work, including poems from Ashes of Experience, his surreal chronicle of his travels; urgent public pronouncements from Sacred Fix; and poignant meditations from The Crucifixion. The poetry of Sinclair Beiles is distinguished and long-distilled; its unexpected, striking images brings a flash of surprised recognition. These poems open slowly in your mind, like Japanese paper flowers in water." - William Burroughs. 

Published by The Lapis Press, Venice, California, 1991, 96 pages, 9 in. x 6 in., softcover

ISBN: 0932499422

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