A Testament to the Wilderness: Two Essays on an Address

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A Testament to the Wilderness: Two Essays on an Address by C.A. Meier Edited by Joan Meier, Lela Fischli, Sam Francis & Robert Hinshaw

Included in this volume are ten highly individual responses to the seminal paper, Wilderness and the Search for the Souls of Modern Man, by noted Swiss psychiatrist, C.A. Meier. With their remarkably varied backgrounds yet common concerns, these prominent contributers - representing five continents - provide a gripping portrait of the wilderness today, both within and without. This anthology of original writings was conceived in honor of the lifelong work of Prof. C.A. Meier of Zürich, on his eightieth birthday. It is recommended reading for all concerned with the future of our troubled world. A Testament to the Wilderness includes Meier's essay and eight others, written in response to it, on the subject of the wilderness. Some of the contributors received their analytical training from or were the colleagues of C.G. Jung. Others are scholars of Jungian thought working in various fields. Having this in common, the writers speak from remarkably different viewpoints and experience. They present a unique and absorbing look at man in a technological and bureaucratic society, drawing parallels between "the wilderness without" and "the wilderness within."

Published by The Lapis Press, Santa Monica, California, 1985, 144 pages, 9 in. x 6 in., hardcover

ISBN: 3856305033

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