Occluded Front: James Turrell

$ 60.00

Occluded Front: James Turrell edited by Julia Brown

James Turrell's installations are often non-objects in which color and light shape not only the piece but the viewer's perception of it. The artist exposes what he calls the "prejudiced perception" created by the physical limitations of vision and the learned limits of perception. In 1977 Turrell began work on the "Roden Crater Project." His site is an extinct volcano in the Arizona desert, "slightly wider than the island of Manhattan and slightly taller than the Chrysler Building." Turrell has burrowed into the mountain in intricate ways, creating vistas of the sky and of the landscape through windows in the earth, transforming this natural eruption into a theater positioned like some image-making machine focused at the universe. Occluded Front includes an interview with Turrell, and essays by John Coplans, Craig Adcock, Edy de Wilde, and Count Giuseppe Panza de Biumo. The works discussed range from Turrell's 1967 projected light pieces, through the full-space installation pieces, to his largest work-in-progress, the "Roden Crater Project." 

Co-published by the Fellows of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and The Lapis Press, Santa Monica, California, 1985, 158 pages, 11 1/4 in. x 9 1/4 in.

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